Parent Testimonials

Pinemere feels like my son’s home away from home. The minute he arrives at camp he feels like he is returning to a special place. You can see it in his face. He is just SO happy to be there. The staff knows all of the campers, and the kids all know one another, no matter what the age. It is a large extended family that emphasizes Jewish identity and Jewish values.

- Philadelphia, PA

“I don’t know how Pinemere does it, but [our son] came home again this year more mature, more polite, and more responsible than he was when we dropped him off in June. We noticed it last year when we picked him up and it has been evident all day today, too. The values you instill in them, and the responsibility you give them, seem to work like magic.

- Dresher, PA

Just to confirm everything you probably already know, [our daughter] has been declaring her “camp” sickness to us since she got home. She misses her routine, her friends and the whole experience. Pinemere provided an outstanding, well-balanced, individualized experience for my first-time camper. The warm, family atmosphere helped to nurture her personality, her strengths and to help her overcome her fears about being far from home. It was a fabulous introduction into the whole camp experience. My daughter and I plan on sending the Pinemere “message” to anyone willing to listen!

- New York City, NY

[Our son] had such a blast. We were so impressed and SO relieved he did so well being away from home for the first time. When I asked him how Shabbat was, he said, “Awesome!” How can I not love that?

- Wilmington, DE

Pinemere has been one of the most positive influences in my children’s lives. The kind and friendly atmosphere was a life changing experience for my youngest son. Until that first summer at Pinemere, my son had few friends and had little interest (or ability) to make new ones. He developed social skills during that 3 week period that carried into his school year and beyond. He now has lots of friends calling for him, has been invited to several parties, and his computer buddy list is full! Pinemere has also been greatly influential for my older son. Pinemere has capitalized on his strengths by bringing out kindness and leadership in his personality. I always see significant maturation in my son at the end of the summer. While both my kids have great friends at home, there is uniqueness in the kind of bonds that have developed with their Pinemere friends. I wish everybody could be so blessed with such deep and sincere friendships. Our family certainly feels blessed to have Pinemere in our lives.

- Dalton, PA

“Although there are many camps in the United States, we choose to send our children to Pinemere year after year because the camp excels like no other camp at creating a loving, respectful and fun-filled atmosphere where meaningful and life long friendships among campers and counselors can flourish. Pinemere is a family away from home for our children – all campers are made to feel safe and special and no one is ever left out. Some parents select camps for their children by comparing lists of activities and physical layouts. Although Pinemere compares very favorably even in this regard, we have not found any camp that can match Pinemere’s unique social environment – an environment in which a child cannot help but learn self-confidence and respect for others all while having an incredible amount of fun.”

- Ardsley, NY

Thank you so much for all your extraordinary efforts to make [our son]‘s summer safe & fun. Before we signed up for camp, we were concerned whether any summer camp would be able to handle his allergies, but thanks to you, his allergy was absolutely no problem. He felt perfectly comfortable asking for help or information when he needed it, and he was able to integrate fully into the whole camp experience. He had a wonderful time at camp, and it was such a relief to us parents to know that he was in such good hands. Thanks again.

- Bethesda, MD