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We invite you to join us in improving camp. Below we have outlined a variety of ways that you and your family can help camp grow. Every gift counts, so please spread the word!
  • Scholarships: The cost of camp is much higher than it was when we began in 1942. Every kid deserves to go to camp! We never want a camper to miss out on the opportunity of a summer a Pinemere due to financial need. Please help us make a camper's summer a reality by:
    • Sponsoring a camper’s summer ($8600 full season, $5800 1st session, $4700 2nd session)
    • Subsidizing a camper’s tuition – any gift you can make will help!
  • Make a Tribute: Whether you are honoring the memory of a lost loved one or making a gift in the name of an individual, Pinemere is thankful to share in their story. These gifts can sent to our offices or made online by Donating Here
  • Program Needs: Below are items that are needed to ensure we continue to have an excellent program:
    • Visit our Amazon Wish List (which is continuously updated) to purchase specific items for camp and have them shipped to our summer address. All gifts are tax-deductible. Select Pinemere Camp as your Amazon Smile charity and we will receive an additional percentage of your purchases!
    • Creation of a new Pinemere Camp Siddur: $2400
    • Creation of a new Pinemere Camp Song Book: $1800
  • Capital: Since 2014 Pinemere has completed well over $1,000,000 in capital improvements. We are committed to providing an amazing and safe summer experience. We're also committed to providing a rustic camp and keeping with the look and feel of the Pinemere that you remember. We have a variety of capital needs varying in cost and scope. If you are interested in helping fund a project or would like to learn more about potential projects, please contact to set up a time to talk.
  • Sponsor something you loved at camp for $1800 and help us continue the tradition:
    • Sing - New song books or guitars and equipment
    • Shabbat - New siddurim, kippot, and decorations for each Shabbat
    • Maccabi
    • CIT Project - Each CIT year is now over 30 participants and they have the opportunity to complete large projects with your help!
    • Friendship Service
    • The Gluck/Miner Cup (This is our annual competition vs Camp Harlam)
    • The Kiddush Cup (We host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for more than 10 Jewish overnight camps in the Poconos)
  • I’m sure you’ll agree that Pinemere Camp is an incredibly special place. Thank you ahead of time for joining us in continuing our traditions, improving camp, and making sure that every kid can go to camp! L’dor V’dor –from generation to generation.
      Mitch Morgan, Executive Director
        To make your tax-deductible contribution:   Donate online or mail your check to: Pinemere Camp 4100 Main Street, Suite 301 Philadelphia, PA 19127